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ZanExec LLC is a senior level executive search firm that provides retained and exclusive search services for clients seeking unique talent with applicable experience in the US Department of Defense (DoD), the US Intelligence Community (IC), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) technologies, products, and services. Our customers seek to build new or expand existing markets, improve revenue, profitability, and/or competitive edge through strategic expansion of their senior executive team.

Turnover at the highest levels of an organization is a reality of business today. The reasons are numerous; mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, downsizing, technological changes, market dynamics and cultural incompatibilities. ZanExec LLC thrives in this fast paced arena to locate and retain for our clients the best and brightest senior level candidates.

ZanExec LLC works extensively with firms involved in numerous applications for the Federal government. The majority of our retained search efforts are for highly cleared individuals for classified applications. Our focus is solely on completing senior level, retained search engagement and we always strive to develop long-term relationships with the clients. A result of this focus is our belief that both parties benefit from the development of an in-depth understanding of each other’s capabilities and long-term strategies and goals. We treat the proprietary knowledge developed during the course of our engagements as an inviolable trust.

Our services, our knowledge, and our energies are always concentrated on a single purpose: giving our clients the best possible service and advice so they can achieve long-term success. We are in business to build lasting professional relationships on the basis of trust, outstanding performance, and superior results.

Ms. Vourakis receives all of her searches through direct referrals and does not advertise for candidates or openings to fill her